Around the World in 40 Days: Making New Friends in Perth

New friends as an adult Perth

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Perth  is the capital of Western Australia and the fourth-most populous city in Australia. It’s famous for it’s white sandy beaches, surf, sunshine and laid back atmosphere.

Making Friends in Perth

No matter how social and lovely you are, it’s ok to admit that making friends as an adult can be really hard! Often we don’t even realize we could do with a few extra friends in our circle, until suddenly they’re part of your life and not only do you have an extra layer of support and friendship, but there are new adventures, more people to invite for brunch or out to a gig or whatever. Have you ever messaged everyone you know to make weekend plans but everyone was busy already? As we grow up we all get busier with careers and family commitments and it can just be hard to find time when you’re both free and not too tired to do something fun!

GirlCrew solves that because you get to dip into a big pool of women in the same boat whenever you need to – like school or uni but with a bunch of awesome of  It’s worked for 45,000 women plus already in over 40 cities around the world (and still growing daily!) so we’re really excited to have reached Australia and set up camp in Perth.

City Summit rock climbing

Recently some of the Perth Crew went rock climbing and it rocked ( sorry ). If it’s your first time reaching for the chalk as there are classes to suit all levels, so there’s no need to worried about starting off as a newbie. This is one activity that often pops up in various groups across the world, and everyone can agree that it is so much fun, although be prepared for some sore muscles the next day. It’s the perfect way to bond with others in your crew as there’s nothing like shouting at a friend, in a nice way, to get them to the top of the wall. Once you’ve reached the peak it’s time to dust yourself off and chill in the coffee shop with a cup of something warm and a chat.

Fremantle Arts Centre

Perth has a thriving arts scene, and at the centre of this is the Fremantle Arts Centre. For the inner artist, this is a really cool place to walk around and see some interesting exhibitions. The centre boasts 11 studios so it’s always buzzing and you get to see new works on display, and also apply for a residency if that’s up your street. From print to the spoken word you’ll find all artisitc forms here so it’s a great spot to wander around and soak it all in. Music lovers are also catered for as concerts are held on the south lawn, and acts like  Nick Cave and the Dandy Warhol’s have had gigs here.


 Margaret River wine tours

Most of us love a glass of good wine after a long day, with a luxurious meal, or even while soaking in a hot bath. It’s one of life’s greatest pleasures so this next pick will have you clapping your hands. All of my friends who have visited Perth, have always raved about Margaret River and their wine tours, this is a great website to find the perfect tour for you and take pretty pictures of the vineyards. There are plenty of companies to choose from, but this one gets extra brownie points as they take all of the hassle out of the booking so you simply get to relax and enjoy it.


 Karma Rottnest Spa

Who doesn’t love a spa day? Karma Rottnest Spa seems to be the perfect spot for a getaway.  Whether you want to surf, swim, enjoy nature, or simply sun up some rays this is the perfect haven to relax and get away from it all. Once you’ve had your fill of activities there are incredible menu options to choose from, from classic pizzas to three course dinners you’ll definitely find something you like. Using only the highest quality ingredients, sourced from ethical, and sustainable, farmers and growers their incredible menu has a lovely Mediterranean twist so you can feel like you’ve jetted off to Europe without getting on a plane. Sounds like paradise to me!


If these activites have whetted your appetite, simply  join the Perth group here or check out our other city groups if that’s not where you’re based. GirlCrew has groups everywhere from London to Hong Kong to New York and a bunch of places in between. If you get in there soon you might even be in with enough time to head to the Underground Tunnel Pop Up Bar they’re heading to soon 😉 Too cool.

Join GirlCrew Perth (Or tell a friend about it) | Join GirlCrew Trips & Travel

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