Around the World in 40 Days: Making New Friends in Orlando

Making Friends in Orlando

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Orlando is one of our newest groups and despite it’s recent beginning, it’s busy, active and by the looks of things from afar, really fun. The city in Florida is famous for Disneyland, Universal Studios, Oranges and being a favourite retirement spot! But the city has so much to offer to everyone and that sunshine sure seems to be keeping our girls in good spirits!

Making Friends in Orlando

No matter how social and lovely you are, it’s time to admit that making friends as an adult can actually be quite difficult. Often we don’t even realize we could do with a few extra friends in our circle, until suddenly they’re part of your life and not only do you have an extra layer of support and frienship, but there are new adventures, more people to invite for brunch or out to a gig or whatever. Have you ever messaged everyone you know to make weekend plans but everyone was busy already? As we grow up, we ourselves and our friends get busier with careers and family commitments and it can just be hard to find time when you’re both free at the same time! GirlCrew solves that because you get to dip into a big pool of women in the same boat whenever you need to. It’s worked for 45,000 women plus already in over 40 cities around the world (and still growing daily!) so we’re really excited to have launched a crew in Orlando too. Now that you’ve got a crew sorted, what’s good to see, do or eat there? Why not join the group and see what they’re up to! Recent get togethers have included Reggae Sunday, Taco Tuesday, a trip to a farmers’ market and some great nights out. They’re also planning a trip to an animal sanctuary if you get in there quickly you might even make that too 😉 But that’s just a taste of what this great city has to offer.

Paddleboard Orlando 

An upcoming event in the crew is paddle boarding. But don’t worry if you miss out! The company has classes all the time that teaches first timers to paddle stroke, how to get up, where to stand, and how to stay safe. This sport is a great way to keep fit and chill out as you simply glide over the waves. I have a feeling this will be a popular event in the crew so keep an eye out for new events, and don’t forget you can always suggest another session.


So we all know Orlando has great weather and is lovely and sunny all the time. Why not take a break and check out the ICEBAR? There are ice sculptures everywhere but thermal coats and gloves to keep you warm. There’s also a Fire Lounge that is a nightclub and a working fire. So it’s the perfect opportunity to channel your inner Elsa and Ana. For those who like the finer things in life, there’s also bottle service, and custom VIP packages that include Ice Glass Cocktails, souvenir photos, and food.

Sleuths Mystery Dinner Show

‘You are invited to step into the world of comedy, mystery and intrigue at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows. You will mingle with unusual characters…watch out! The action is fast and the laughter is contagious as you become the detective and solve the crime through a live interrogation!’ This dinner and interactive theatre mystery comedy show is a bit of a mouthful but is also the perfect way to spend an evening. First, you’ll dine on a delectable spread, and the show begins, those you are seated with become your team as you work together to crack the case. Once dinner is complete it’s time for the live interrogations to begin. Once the clues are gathered it’s time for dessert and for the criminal to be revealed. Think of it as an real-life version of Cluedo, but with food.


Orlando Escape Game

This is a brilliant opportunity to get to know your fellow GirlCrewers, and work as a team. With so many different games to choose from,  you can solve a million dollar heist, a prison break or a secret service mission. For those who like a little preparatory work, and to take the competitive edge, the company has also put together some tips for nailing that top spot on the leader board. From choosing the perfect team, to prepping for the challenges ahead this is serious business 😉 Don’t forget you only have an hour to complete the challenge, so can you do it?

If you are in Orlando, and looking for someone to check out these top spots with make sure you join GirlCrew. Open to all women over 25, with no upper age limit, there are always plenty of people to ready to have some fun and enjoy new experiences with. We love having new members so make sure you join the Orlando group here or check out our other city groups if that’s not where you’re based.


Join GirlCrew Orlando (Or tell a friend about it) | Join GirlCrew Trips & Travel


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