Around the World in 40 Days: Making New Friends & Great Memories in Manchester

Brunch pals in Manchester
Some of the Manchester GC girls do brunch. Thanks to Rosie Fox for the pic 🙂

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Making Friends in Manchester

Making friends as an adult can be hard, but signing up to GirlCrew Manchester is an easy first step. (Heading to your first get together can take a little bit of courage, but it’s always worth it and you’ll be chatting like you’ve known the girls forever in no time. Because girls are awesome.)

GirlCrew has groups in cities all over the world and over 45,000 members in total. Whether you’re new to Madrid, travelling through or visiting, or have lived there forever, you’re bound to find someone who shares a few common interests or the same sense of humour in a GirlCrew group. The group is open to all women over 25, with no upper age limit. Join the new Manchester crew here or check out our other city groups here. And feel free to tell friends because the bigger group number get, the better they seem to get. More members = more diversity of types of events, people and how often events are on. In GirlCrew Dublin, there’s almost 9,000 members and there’s an get together on pretty much every day now, so there’s always something that will work to your schedule and interests. Simply join, post what you’d like to do, and see who else is in!

Now that you’ve your crew sorted, here’s some popular things to check out…

Get Outdoors

Manchester is a popular tourist destination and a cool city that has a great mix of big high street stores, museums and galleries and some great little alternative/quirky/trendy bars and cafes. It’s probably lesser known for it’s scenic bits, but if you’ve checked out the city already or looking for a breather, there are plenty of green spaces to head to with the girls. Check out the Edale skyline Walk in the Peak District if you’re feeling adventurous, The South Pennine Water Trail or take a day trip to Lyme Park and a wander around the castle and grounds.

Grab Some Food

You’ll need to refuel after all that walking right? Brunch must be one of the most popular GirlCrew get togethers in every single one of our groups worldwide. In Manchester you can check out Home Sweet Home or Teacup Kitchen (who are so lovely and also make the most ginormous cakes including rainbow cake) or for a mid week evening bite with friends or a book, try Thaikhun.

Let us know how you get on and if you have any mates living in Manchester who could do with the crew, make sure to let them know we’re there only WAITING to party with them 😉 Or be civilised and eat cake together.

What is #GC40? | Join GirlCrew Manchester (Or tell a friend about it) | Join GirlCrew Trips & Travel


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