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As International Women’s Day approaches and more and more GirlCrew groups pop up all over the world, many of them planning different ways to celebrate locally, I really wanted to do something that brings everyone together. I left it too late to charter jets to fly us all to some fancy yacht in sunny climes, so instead we’re having a video party.

I wanna attend the video party!!

Fabulouso. Submit a clip of you lip syncing with all of your heart and soul to Whitney’s powerful and relevant ‘I’m every woman’.

Submit by either

1. Emailing file to

2. Share file with via Dropbox/WeTransfer. (PS. The Dropbox app is dead handy to use on iPhone if file is too big to email.)

3. Or you can upload to your Instagram and hashtag #GirlCrew and mention @GirlCrewHQ and we can download it from there.

Who can attend the party?

EVERYONE! Hate the idea of being in a video but know someone who’d nail it and relish the spotlight like the sparkly superstar they are? Film a clip of them instead – male, female, somewhere in between, young, old, an animal – as long as it’s lip syncing and totes heartfelt, it’s woman enough for the party. Or get a few of your favourite people/neighbours colleagues together for some of Whitney and co’s awesome dance routine.

How much do I film?

As much or as little as you want. We’ll edit it together after. But if you’re doing a small snippet – maybe pick bits from various parts of the song so we don’t have a million people all doing the first two lines – lols. We’d be like, hey guys, it’s the GirlCrew remix OBVIOUSLY.


By Friday 6th of March 2015. The countdown is ON.


We’ll share it on our GirlCrew HQ Facebook page and on Twitter @GirlCrewHQ so if you’re not chilling with us there already, pull up.

The Lyrics

Perfectly printable PDF to print off and practice

Optional Extras

  • Try getting the DJ to play it while you’re out tonight and doing it there.
  • Try stylin like you’re 90s to the core.
  • Try asking your Dad to do it.
  • Try asking your cat to do it.
  • Try asking your cross stitch/French/drama/pole dance class to do it with you.
  • Try adding glitter if you’ve got it. Real or metaphorical.
  • Try not to cry too much because you miss Whitney. We do too. Together, we’ll be ok.

Ready? Steady………………party.

And if you’re in Dublin on Saturday 7th of March, we’re celebrating with Discotekken here!


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