Appeal to help the women of Jordan – Tribalogy

Appeal to help the women of Jordan – Tribalogy

“Tribalogy is creation with a cause. Our aim is to explore, learn and create based on the study, while providing economical and occupational support to those in need.”


Mei Hayashi and one of the women the project helps

Mei Hayashi and one of the women the project helps


One of the great things about GirlCrew is the way that the groups come together to support one another, this time around we’re asking you to support those who are a little further afield. Mei Hayashi is the brains behind Tribalogy a growing organisation that helps vulnerable women across Jordan and Syria by teaching them skills and trades. But they need your help. In order to reach more women, Mei is currently building a fundraising campaign that will directly impact those in the region, and lift them out of poverty by building a brighter future. Their deadline to reach $10,000 is fast approaching, so at this stage every donation counts.  You can donate to this great cause here.

Appeal to help the women of Jordan - Tribalogy

Mei, has been living in Jordan for the past 8 years working with a Japanese NGO helping vulnerable women in the region. “Originally, I started by assisting them in the workshops to teach them how to knit, embroider, make soaps and cook as psychosocial programs.  The results were amazing but the problem was, what happens after they learn the skills, they still needed help. We came up with a an idea…to start a brand (Tribalogy)…”. The concept behind this brand is simple; they empower women to help themselves. By showcasing the products the women have created they are immediately given access to an international customer base. Along with the money, Mei says it’s the sense of self-worth that is just as important “You can’t imagine how many refugees are affected by the conflict in the region.” Tribalogy is growing but it needs support, and they are looking to crowdfund money to help reach more women and make a greater impact. “We need basic supplies, raw materials etc, and so I started a campaign at. The goal is to raise 1,000,000yen (about $10,000). I have 20 more days and have currently raised 870,000yen (about $8,700).” Like many systems, if the goal isn’t reached by November 24th all the money raised thus far will have to be returned. This will be a major blow to the women relying on the company for future income and security.


Some of the products on sale through the website


We know that the crew can generous to each other, so we’d like to encourage you to share that same spirit with those facing extreme hardship. More details on the campaign can be found here – which is a Japanese site, but Google translate will help with that with, or you donate directly via PayPal to Mei on  For Mei, and the women she helps, even the smallest donation can make a big difference as she is helping women to make their dreams come true.

You can find out more about Tribalogy, and the products they sell, on the website.

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