Alleviating Pain With Helen Falvey | Meet the GirlCrewer #94

“Starting up my own clinic last year was a big leap, and while it came with its challenges, the rewards of helping people transform their health have made it all worthwhile.” – Helen Falvey, founder of AcuGlow, an acupuncture clinic in Galway. If you are interested in acupuncture, Helen is offering all members 10% off full price treatments until the 31st of August. Simply mention GirlCrew when booking.


Alleviating Pain With Helen Falvey | Meet the GirlCrewer #94


A form traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture is widely used for pain relief, particularly for joint pain. But can also be used to treat a variety of ailments including nausea and headaches. Based on a mixture of theories and philosophies fans of the practice have been singing its praises for donkey’s years. While there are a variety of methods, the most common form is done with small needles. These are inserted into the skin to help alleviate symptoms.  This may sound like a nightmare for some, but as the needles themselves are very slim, the entire process is pain free. So there’s no need to panic.

While there are practitioners all over the globe, if you’re based in the West of Ireland GirlCrew Galway member, Helen Falvey, can help. “I took a very winding path to end up where I am today; starting with a science degree, then onto working as a chocolatier for two years, doing some travelling, and along the way, discovering for myself the health benefits of acupuncture…”

After discovering the virtues of the practice, Helen decided to take a new direction in her career, and “…and pursue something which could bring so much benefit to others.” In 2010 she started her studies, and she qualified as an acupuncturist in 2013. “I was fortunate to have such excellent and knowledgeable teachers who drew on their wealth of clinical experience in this truly amazing healing system.”

With the right skills under her belt, Helen took the brave step of setting up her own practice. “Starting up my own clinic last year was a big leap, and while it came with its challenges, the rewards of helping people transform their health have made it all worthwhile.” So if you are struggling with pain, or an interested in receiving acupuncture, make sure you get in touch with Helen. She’s also offering all members a discount – just mention GirlCrew when booking.

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Quickfire Questions with Helen Falvey

1) Do you offer acupuncture treatments for general well-being or should i have something specific in mind?

Acupuncture is an ideal treatment to maintain general well-being, and I’m seeing people more and more seek out acupuncture for a bit of a boost.  And, of course, more often, people have an injury or a specific condition which they are seeking help for.

2)  Can I get a gift card for a treatment for someone else?

Yes, gift vouchers are available.

3)  I’ve always been afraid to try acupuncture, as I was worried that it would be painful, but a friend was telling me the other day that acupuncture leaves her feeling really relaxed! Have I been worrying over nothing?

Acupuncture is not painful, the needles are very thin, equivalent in thickness to a cat’s whisker, and almost everyone feels relaxed after a treatment.

4) Is there anything I need to do to prepare for acupuncture?

It’s best not to arrive hungry, or immediately after a large meal.  Also, wear comfortable clothing, and that’s about it.

5) Are there any risks?

Acupuncture, when provided by a trained acupuncturist, is a very low risk therapy.  All needles used are sterile and single use.  When choosing an acupuncturist, you can check if they are a member of the relevant professional association. In Ireland, this would be either the Acupuncture Foundation Professional Association(AFPA), of which I am a member. Or the Acupuncture Council of Ireland(ACI).  These associations make sure any members have completed their training, and all members engage in continuing professional development.

6) What’s your favourite thing about GirlCrew?

I love how GirlCrew brings people together who might not have met otherwise. And how it makes meeting new people so much easier if you’ve just moved to a new city.

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