All hail Róisín Murphy


One of GirlCrew’s all time fave voices, fashion icons and all round top birds who we’d love to go for a pint with has finally returned after leaving us hanging since 2007. Yep, it has been that long since she released ‘Overpowered’ but Róisín Murphy is back with a corker of an album ‘Hairless Toys’.

According to Murphy the choice of which songs to put where was straightforward. “To select just eight songs from the vast batch written last year required some pretty vigorous editing. The record could have been much longer but this seemed like just the right combination, and in fact the sequencing fell into place with more ease than any other album I’ve made.” First track on the album is Gone Fishing which was inspired by the fabulous documentary film Paris is Burning about the ball culture in New York in the ‘80s. Watch it pronto if you haven’t already.

Here’s a beginner’s guide (or a chance to revisit) 10 songs from both Roisin’s solo output and her work with her former band Moloko (fact: name taken from the scribblings on the wall of the milk bar in A Clockwork Orange)

The first time we clapped eyes on Ms Murphy’s sleek bob and slick voice was on Channel 4’s The White Room.

Sing it back was her Kylie ‘Spinning Around’ moment. A reference to this being a comeback and proper welcome to the mainstream more than the, uh, fact she spins around in the video.

What do you want for your next video,Róisín? I’d like it set in a northern soul club with a hot guy who can properly dance. And if that guy could be Paddy Considine and I get to snog him, that would be ace. The bit where she is singing in the ladies reminds us of ‘More to Life than This’ by Bjork.

First single off the new album. Instant classic.

Catchy as all hell. You’ll suddenly think yeah, I’m going to make hats my thing after watching this. And have a sudden urge to open a caff that has disco lights. Or just go and shake your thang in one.

What have you been up to today? Yeah, just been doing the housework. Totally haven’t been dancing around and spying on the neighbours. Dum de dum.

And here’s your earworm for the day. RAMASES COLOSSUS.

This slow burning track absolutely dominates when it takes hold of you. Dance routine is like a much cooler amalgamation of All Saints, Billie Piper and Samantha Mumba *nods*

A bit of early Moloko for you here. Clickety click, clickety click.

Instantly recognisable from those opening chords. “Give up yourself unto the moment. Let’s make this moment laaaast.”

Róisín is doing a pretty exhaustive European tour starting round about now including both Electric Picnic and Bestival in September.

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