Twerking 9 to 5 with dancer Ali Trowsdale | Meet the GirlCrewer #85

“I want my clients to have the best time possible while achieving incredible results! I plan the workouts so that every muscle in the body is worked! You leave feeling taller, leaner, stronger and with a huge smile on your face!” – Ali Trowsdale, creator of Fit&Flexi at Pineapple Dance Studios. Use the code GirlCrew to get 20% off her next masterclass

Ali Trowsdale

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Even those of us who have very little knowledge of the world of dance, will probably have heard of Pineapple Dance Studios. Situated in Covent Garden, this studio is world famous and it’s here that you’ll find GirlCrew London member, Ali Trowsdale dancing away to her heart’s content. A London girl, born and bred, Ali Trowsdale has been training and performing since the age of 3. “I couldn’t sit still as a child and not much has changed!! I am a personal trainer, dance and fitness instructor and choreographer. You might find me stretching clients in Hyde Park, delivering bespoke dance workouts at Bodyism or teaching my signature Fit&Flexi classes at Pineapple Dance Studios in Covent Garden.”

Along with her love of dance, Ali claims she’s also a “…total science geek! I’m very interested in anatomy, physiology and nutrition and started pursuing a career as a research scientist in academia after graduating from University with a degree in Biology.” With such a sharp mind, it’s no surprise that Ali has come up with the perfect dance class for all you busy Londoners. Fit&Flexi is a pulse racing party at Pineapple Dance studios, where you will get a chance to sweat, strengthen, and stretch your way through an hour-long class while listening to the best party tunes.

  • Sweat – This ultimate sweat session will have you dancing around the studio as if you’re on a night out with your besties, drunk on endorphins in this Happy Hour… No hangover!
  • Strengthen – After high intensity calorie destroying cardio to get your heart-racing prepare to strengthen & tone your 3A’s – Arms, Abs, & Ass the Ali way to all the best beats!
  • Stretch – Once you’ve got a booty like Beyoncé & your muscles are worked to fatigue, we take to the mat for a deep stretch. Perfecting your posture & lengthening your lean limbs. You’ll strut down the catwalk, I mean out of the studio, feeling exhilarated with a huge smile on your face after the well earned relaxation & chillout at the end of the class.



Fit&Flexi classes run every Monday lunchtime 12-1pm & evening 8-9pm, and “everyone is welcome whether you want to perfect your splits or just touch your toes!” Ali Trowsdale is also offering all GirlCrew members a 20% discount on her Beyoncé bootcamp masterclass, using the code “GirlCrew”. You can sign up here.


Quickfire Questions with Ali Trowsdale


 1) What is the best thing about your role?

Dancing daily! #Twerking9to5


 2) What did you find most challenging about it?

Taking the leap of faith to do it! Taking the first step was definitely the most challenging. Leaving a secure job for the unknown! Deciding to leave academia to embark on a new career wasn’t an easy decision; but I was immediately committed and hugely excited by the lifestyle change. I wanted to promote a holistic approach to healthy living and have a blast while exercising. No more dreading going to the gym but enjoying every second of the endorphin rush – and that’s my vision behind Fit&Flexi.


 3) What is your proudest work related achievement to date?

Devising my own brand of workout and being asked to teach it at Pineapple Dance Studios! I wanted to devise an all encompassing exhilarating workout which combined the 3 aspects of dance and fitness, cardio, strengthen and flexibility while being swept away to great music. Fit&Flexi has a lot of science behind it to make it efficiently effective. I want my clients to have the best time possible and achieve incredible results! I plan the workouts so that every muscle in the body is worked! You leave feeling taller, leaner, stronger and with a huge smile on your face!


 4) What would be your one tip to others who want to get involved in this industry?

If you love it – do it!! You’ve got to love it…to make it work you have to put your whole self into it!


5) What would be your motto in life, and in work?

The only BS you need in life is breakfast and squats.


6) What’s your favourite thing about being in GirlCrew?

Women supporting each other!! #GirlGang. It’s awesome to be part of a community and support network of like minded ladies in such a fast paced city!


If dancing your way to health sounds like fun, make sure you grab your exclusive GirlCrew discount – simply use the code GirlCrew to get 20% off. Tickets can be bought here.

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