7 Pieces of Advice from Female Entrepreneurs

Women have changed the dynamic of the workplace. We’re agents for change. If you don’t believe it, check out this sage advice from female entrepreneurs.

Today, women are vying for top positions and making an indelible mark as formidable leaders. We’re no longer relegated to roles as secretaries or lower end professionals. A 21st century woman is anything but ordinary. However, there are times when we allow people around us to dim our light; to make us feel less than we truly are and place us inside a conventional box. It’s time for us to realize that we have the power to control our destinies and shouldn’t be limited by what is deemed to be our traditional roles. This article highlights powerful advice from female entrepreneurs. Heed their words so that you’re able to make a powerful impact in the communities you serve.

1. Maintain Integrity

Those in power will make you think that you must do unscrupulous things in order to get ahead. That’s a lie! Amy Rees Anderson, CEO of MediConnect Global, states that integrity is one of the most important traits of a leader. She believes that true success is measured by your ability to always do the right thing, regardless the potential outcome. Living a life of integrity will help you excel in all of the areas that matter most.

2. Build Up Rather Than Tear Down

Female leaders are constantly accused of waging war against their female counterparts in order to get ahead. Tearing others down will get you nowhere and result in wasted energy. Amy Rees Anderson also states that great leaders fully believe in their people’s abilities to achieve amazing things. They focus on building each member of their team, regardless of their backgrounds and beliefs. Cheryl Snapp Conner, founder of Snapp Conner PR, supports this by saying that great leaders bring out the best in the teams they lead. Focusing on the negatives will show in a company’s performance and results.

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Amel Monsur, executive creative director of VICE Media, knows that it is important to have a diversity of women in positions of leadership. We aren’t at war with each other. We need to work hard to build each other up and support female success at all levels.

Great leaders embrace the fact that diversity provides various perspectives, which can often lead to better outcomes. Some of the most impressive female leaders surround themselves with people who continually challenge their thinking. Different is good. And a community is even better. 

3. Be a Strategic Thinker

Our male counterparts are sometimes thought to have an edge over us because of their natural ability to think strategically. It’s our duty to show our bosses and the world that we also have that ability. Cheryl Snapp Conner says that knowing how to think strategically is important for female leaders. Part of that strategic thinking involves understand how not to make decisions or react in the heat of emotion. If you find yourself getting emotional, practice the STC strategy. Stop. Think. Consider your options. Take time to take stock, and don’t be shy to get advice from female entrepreneurs.

4. Believe in Yourself

Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and Founder of Leanin.org, believes that women often underestimate their own abilities and don’t believe they deserve success. Successful women know how to be assertive. They don’t doubt their abilities and they know that they can achieve whatever they determine to accomplish. Confidence is crucial.

5. A Relationship is a Partnership

Sheryl Sandberg also acknowledges that women can only accomplish more at work if there is a partnership at home. It’s difficult for a woman to excel at work while having to carry out all of the traditional roles (cooking, cleaning, and caregiving) at home. A relationship is a partnership. You and your partner have to come up with a strategy for sharing the household responsibilities if you’re going to succeed. 

6. Keep Pushing the Gas Pedal

Traditionally there has been a perception that women often let opportunities pass because of maternal instinct. They cannot commit for fear that they may not be able to create a work-life balance later in life when they decide to start a family. The current lack of resources around paternity leave, and the continued perception that women should take the lion’s share of the responsibility in the household furthers this. Sheryl Sandberg challenges this and says that women should continue doing all they need to do to succeed at work until the day they need to leave. In other words, don’t allow work opportunities to pass you by in anticipation of what is to come.  You will be able to determine the right path for you, and your family, when such decisions need to be made.

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7. Disrupt Your Industry

Many successful women don’t achieve success by being like everyone else. They thrive on being different. Founder and CEO of Glossier, Emily Weiss, knows that successful women learn how to disrupt and industry. Fear is a part of the game. The key is learning how to view FEAR as your ability to Face Everything And Rise. Be willing to learn along the way and be unconventional. As author and entrepreneur, Arian Simone, says, “you can lose everything, but one thing you can’t afford to lose is your fearless mindset.”

Then Put It All Together

You have the ability to do amazing things and make cataclysmic changes.  The only way to achieve this success, however, is to have confidence in yourself. Learn to face your fears and use them as a catapult towards success. Don’t allow them to define and diminish you. Take this advice from female entrepreneurs and combine it with what you already know. Harness your knowledge, and make it work for you.

Always remember that you can’t get to where you want to be alone.  Embrace the support of the men and women around you. Don’t be a snake in the grass looking for ways to tear others down. Maintain your integrity despite the challenges and find ways to build every member of your team. In order for a team to flourish, choose positivity. 

If you’ve any lessons that you’ve picked up along the way let us know in the comments. When it comes to getting advice from female entrepreneurs, these women are world leaders, but what’s your favourite? 

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  1. i love all these tips! I hope to one day break into my industry and with tips like these it makes it seem a little easier

  2. Girl power! I am a guy with high respect to women. Especially I’m living with my mom and 3 sisters. Please keep empowering women! You are an inspiration. ✨

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