Meet Our Community Ambassadors

Our team of GirlCrew Community Ambassadors help make your experience of GirlCrew even more awesome. From keeping an eye out for posts that breach community guidelines, to helping you with questions about how to use the app, to organising, hosting or encouraging events, these local heroes and helpers have been friends to us and to members from our Facebook days to our app days, and we couldn’t be more grateful. Give them a follow on the GirlCrew app, and high five or hug them from us next time you see them at an event, or helping someone out on the app.

Bríd Dunne, Vancouver

Key Area: Monthly Events 

Bríd is fun, friendly, professional and boss as flip when it comes to organising events, hosting them, and liasing with us on ideas and suggestions for Van-crewver. She’s been a member since the early days of GirlCrew in Dublin and we couldn’t imagine a better person to welcome you along to a newbie night.

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Claire Moore, Dublin

Key Area: Monthly Book Club

Claire and the monthly Dublin Book Club are practically a GirlCrew institution at this stage! If you haven’t met Claire, where have you been hiding! Claire was in fact our very first official admin in our Facebook group days. She’s energetic, enthusiastic, super-organised and loves a good adventure so much that you won’t help but want to join in. 

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Fiona McGillivray, Glasgow

Key Area: Monthly Events

Fiona is always busy setting up events and making sure members are looked after. Her monthly ‘Flirty Friday’ events happen without fail! And while flirting is optional, it does add a dash of fun for the singles among us who want to get out and meet some men offline for a change. Her current role is Senior Project Manager for a Professional Conference Organiser too, so you’re in the hands of a pro when it comes to events. Watch Fiona’s GirlCrew story here.

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Linzi Bremner, Aberdeen

Key Area: Monthly Events 

You won’t even believe the number and variety of events in Aberdeen thanks in huge part to Linzi, and her other community-ambassador team mates, Karen Jewell and Abbie Smith. Aberdeen may not be our biggest Scottish group, but they sure have a large percentage of the fun. From escape rooms and afternoon teas, to last minute jogs and more. Linzi will make you feel welcome and comfortable no matter what the event.

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Loretta McDonagh, Galway & Sligo

Key Area: Online Community Support

Loretta is based in Sligo but an active member in the Galway crew. She knows the way around the app and the community like the back of her hand, and she’s ready to say hello and welcome new members posting, or help you out if there’s something you don’t know how to do on the app! 

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Meabh Gilmore, Dublin

Key Area: Quarterly Events

Meabh is one of the original Dublin crew and has been so amazing in helping members setting up events and just being genuinely lovely. She works as a primary teacher and you can expect some lovely evening walks to get you out in the fresh air.

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Susanne Hayden, Kildare

Key Area: Quarterly Event & Online Community Support

Susanne has that awesome magic of not only hosting and organising events, but empowering everyone around her to do the same. Kildare seems to have more events than people sometimes and Susanne has helped create a wonderful, welcoming vibe with heaps of variety in the types of events you can pop along to.

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Charli Rose, London & Cork 

Key Area: Quarterly Events

Hailing from Queensland, Australia, Charli moved to Cork in Ireland in GirlCrew’s early days there. She not only became a hugely important part of that community – helping organise events, but she made some really close friends there who she still visits to this day. Now, living in London, Charli’s continued to be a wonderful part of the GirlCrew network, and a true, kind friend to many. Keep an eye out for events from Charli in the London and Cork groups on the app. Watch Charli’s GirlCrew story here.

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