5 Top Tips For Staying Motivated

Motivation is tricky. One minute you are all set, lists made, and rearing to go. The next, flatline. Staying motivated can be particularly difficult when it feels like your life has hit a bit of a rut. While routines are great, they can also be dull. And rather boring. So with Get Up and Go just around the corner, aiming to get us all inspired and inject a little passion into our lives. We thought it’d be good to look at how to keep motivated when things are getting on top of you.

 1)  Set Goals

5 Top Tips For Staying Motivated

The best way to get anything done, is to start. But sometimes you don’t know where to begin. Setting small goals for yourself can help make large tasks much more manageable. The act of ticking things off your list can give you positive reinforcement, and it makes large tasks less daunting. Once you’ve completed one goal, move onto the next quickly. In no time at all, these small steps will build up and soon your longer targets will be accomplished.

2) Change It Up

5 Top Tips For Staying Motivated

If you’ve long hours filling in a spreadsheet ahead of you, break it down into hour-long stints. Spending too long on one task can be draining. The brain starts to feel fatigued, and this can kill any motivation. Even standing up, stretching, or going for a cup of tea can help break up the monotony of a task. If you’ve a list of other things to get through, change it up. Answer some emails, and go back to it in a little while. 

3) Stay Positive

5 Top Tips For Staying Motivated

This one is easier than it sounds, but a good attitude is half the battle. Dwelling on negative thoughts only makes things harder. If you’ve a pile of work to do, pull up those socks and get stuck in. If you begin to falter some positive affirmations and a breath of fresh air can help set you straight again. Or if you’re really struggling, pop to the bathroom and run some cold water over your wrists. This will help to calm you down and clear your thoughts. Once you’re ready, dive right back in and start plugging away at those niggling tasks you’ve been putting off. 

4) Get Help

5 Top Tips For Staying Motivated

Once you’ve a plan in place, and you’ve started, it can happen that you realise that you just can’t do it alone. And that’s no problem. Asking a friend or colleague to give you a hand is perfectly normal. It’s no wonder they say many hands and all that, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s time to call in those favours. Think of yourself as being part of a team, and don’t forget to celebrate those wins. A little congratulations goes a long way when you’re looking to keep motivated.

5) Get Inspired

5 Top Tips For Staying Motivated

Listening to, and learning from, others is crucial for staying motivated. Getting some fresh perspective can help you feel re-energised and gain some clarity. There are so many people out there doing amazing things, and listening to their tales can be incredibly refreshing. If you are in the market for some new inspiration we recommend checking out Get Up and Go with Passion and Purpose. This motivational event is happening in Sligo this year with a whole host of incredible speakers.

You couldn’t help but be inspired by David McGowan who moved a Boeing 767 from Shannon to Enniscrone…by sea! Or by Moira ni Gallachóir who has increased her income threefold in one year doing what she is passionate about. There’s also Emily Gowor who turned a dark moment at 19 into an inspiring career and  Dermot Higgins who plans to be the oldest person to cycle around the world. Among a whole host of others. Not only that, but all profits being donated to Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, Pieta House, Northwest Simon, CHAB School Cambodia. We’re also giving away a pair of tickets to the event. So pop over to our Facebook page and share you’re favourite words of wisdom for a chance to win. 

More information on Get Up and Go with Purpose and Passion can be found on their website. At the event they will also be launching our newest publication Get Up and Go Heroes – a collection of inspiring personal stories from some of past, current and future Get Up and Go speakers, to inspire, motivate, encourage and empower the reader to ‘get up and go’ in their lives, with passion and purpose. Any profit from this publication, as well as all profits from the event will go to Cystic Fibrosis Ireland, Pieta House, Northwest Simon, CHAB School Cambodia. #spon

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