5 Things You Need When Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new home? Here are 5 things that will make the move easier. 

I’ve moved a lot and as I’ve hauled the contents of my life around, I’ve been glad that most Irish rentals come furnished. But even still I’ve realised there a couple of things you’ll always need when moving to a new home.

An “Adulting” Drawer

In every house there’s always been that drawer. A place where you’ll find screws, buttons, little bits of blu tac, and birthday candles. While it doesn’t have to be a drawer, getting a little supply of things together will make moving, and your first few months, that much easier. Must haves include a pouch for all information regarding utilities (vital if you’re sharing a house), emergency information, and bits and bobs. Think – sellotape/parcel tape, pens, blu tack, some twine/cable ties, stamps, envelopes etc. It will make moving to a new home easier.

Basic Toolkit

Growing up we were always encouraged to build things. From tree-houses, to toys, to random bits of wood my brothers filled with nails it was a common sight to see us roving around the garden with tools. In school, I learnt woodwork and while it was seen as a “boy’s class”, it was seriously handy. As an adult, you should know a few basics. Top of the list – changing a lightbulb, wiring a plug, changing a fuse, bleeding a radiator, emptying dishwasher/washing machine filters and pumps. Knowing things like this will save you time/money on having to call someone out and will keep your landlord happy as they won’t need to stop by every time something minor needs doing. Win-win for moving to a new home.

A First Aid Kit

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Plasters are one of those things that we don’t buy until we need them. And by then it can be too late. Before you know you’d had to fashion something out of toilet paper and sellotape – which is neither practical nor very hygienic. If you don’t fancy buying an off-shelf kit, even picking up some plasters, antiseptic wash, and some cotton swabs is a good start.

Cleaning Supplies

This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how manky some houses can be. True, places are supposed to be cleaned before you move in but they often aren’t. Giving the place a good scrub before you unpack is also a great way to make your new pad feel like home. And reassure you that cleaning has been done. Besides the obvious cleaners and sponges, be sure to bring some drain clear, and oven cleaner. When it comes to things you need when moving to a new home, cleaning supplies should be high on your list.


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Whether you’re a foodie or not, it’s likely that at some point you’re going to need to cook something. While schlepping kitchenware around is a bit of a hassle, investing in a decent pan or two, and some good quality knives will pay off later. You can pick up things like measuring jugs, kitchen tongs, wooden spoons, and spatulas really cheaply in any homeware store. And they’ll help get you set up quickly, saving on buying pizzas or takeaways.  

These are just a couple of things you need when moving to a new home. It’s by no means a full list, but whether you’re moving for the first, or 100th time, it’s good to have check-list. Have you moved before, is there a go-to item that made your life easier? Let us know in the comments.

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