5 Great Reasons To Study at Dublin Business School

Last week I stopped by the Springboard+ Information evening at Dublin Business School, and I have to say, I was very impressed.

5 Great Reasons To Study at Dublin Business School

The whole team were incredibly welcoming, and the evening was very informative. While I had only intended on popping along to listen, I’m actually now weighing up two courses myself. Currently torn between Big Data for Business, and Data Analytics – so if you’ve any advice on either, pop it in the comments; as I’d love to hear your thoughts. But enough about me, here’s 5 great reasons to study at Dublin Business School.

5 Great Reasons To Study at Dublin Business School

City Centre Location

Right off the bat, one of the handiest things about DBS is the location. Their campuses are situated on George’s Street and Aungier street, so are easily accessible no matter what mode of transport you are using. This also makes it very convenient for those who work part-time. While we don’t recommend choosing college courses based solely on location, these spots couldn’t be handier. And anything that makes life a little easier is a win in my book.

Variety of courses

Flicking through the information on Dublin Business School, I was immediately struck by just how many courses they offer. Covering everything from Psychology to Law, DBS has a huge range of full-time and part-time degrees and certificates. If you’re looking at making the move into tech, be sure to check out their ICT options. Their postgraduate offering is absolutely incredible. Not only that, but the full-time courses include work placement, part-time have an industry project, so they are really hands-on. They also offer evening programmes, online courses, and professional diplomas.

Fully-funded Options

When I was thinking of 5 great reasons to study at Dublin Business School, I couldn’t leave this out. In conjunction with the HEA, DBS are offering fully-funded postgraduate ICT conversion courses through the Springboard+ initiative. The best thing about this, is that you can be eligible if you’re unemployed, employed, or a homemaker. So basically, if you’re considering applying do it; you can check more info on eligibility here. These courses can be at level 7,8,9 and are QQI accredited so you can be certain that they meet all academic requirements.

Community Spirit

One thing that I was surprised by was the sense of community. I’m not sure why I was expecting this to be an in-and-out type establishment, but any fears were instantly dispelled. During the info evening I got chatting to former student, Susan O’Beirne, and she couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about her time at DBS. She had loads of great tales to tell from her time there. From students helping each other out, to social activities, there’s loads more going on at DBS than just academics so it’s worth checking out the social aspects too.

Full support system

The final thing that I took away from the information evening, was the level of support that students get here. From disability support services to career clinics, it’s clear that DBS help support you on every step of your journey. The lectures that I spoke to were keen to reinforce that the courses were challenging, as you would expect from any postgraduate course, but that the team had a full range of services in place. It really felt like this college was willing to go above and beyond for its students. From putting on extra classes, to having full suites of digital resources available this is definitely an establishment that can help people thrive.

So there you have it, 5 great reasons to study at Dublin Business School, and to be honest even one of these would be enough. I was genuinely impressed by what I saw at the open evening, and I know lots of GirlCrewers are past pupils, and they rave about the place. In fact, I spotted a few familiar faces in the crowd that night, and some have already been accepted into programmes. So good luck to them! Even better, one member is coming back for her second course with DBS. If that’s not proof of how good this spot is, nothing is. If you’re thinking about applying to DBS, or if you’ve studied there let us know in the comments.


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  1. I have got an offer from DBS for Masters in Data Analytics. Now should i wait for results from other university like TCC, UCD , Trinity or give 500 euro to reserve my seat and 1000 Euro scholarship (15 day deadline).
    Thanks and waiting for early response.

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