5 Best Brunch Spots in Cork

We’re heading down to Cork* this Thursday (JOIN US) and because some days you wake up thinking “move over coffee, today is a job for champagne”.We figured we better suss out the best brunch spots in Cork for the weekend and our Cork members did not let us down, Here are your top 5 best brunch spots in Cork!

    1. Liberty Grill                                                                                                                                                  

      Liberty Grill boasts a considerably sized menu including a number of vegetarian and vegan options (even vegan wine + cocktails!). If you’re heading to Liberty Grill, plan on a short wait before you’re seated, but in no time you’ll be face to face with their famed rustic potatoes and crab cake hollandaise or, whatever you brunch of choice is. If you and your crew have trouble finding time for brunch, pop by Liberty Grill for lunch or dinner, but be sure to make reservations!

    1. Goldbergs

      Located in the historic Jewish section of Cork City, the mix of upscale and rustic decor at Goldbergs will make you feel like you’ve taken a trip to the meatpacking district of New York. From the eggs florentine to the decor, Goldbergs is definitely out here drippin’ in finesse (shout out to Bruno Mars ).

    1. The Spitjack

      The Spitjack caters to every type of brunch gal out there, serving everything from breakfast bowls, to sweet and savoury indulgences, and all of the classic brunch staples in between. The Spitjack is new to Cork, and its clean and simple modern atmosphere makes a perfect backdrop for the Instagram-worthy picture of the Very Berry Açaí Bowl we’re already dreaming of ordering!

    1. The Sextant

      Named after a navigation tool once used on ships, The Sextant is smartly positioned on the corner of Albert St. and Albert Quay, right by the docks. The french toast and the eggs Benedict come highly recommended. Your trip to The Sextant may take a bit of coordination between you and your crew as they only serve brunch on Sundays! (On Sundays, we have brunch.))

  1. The Castle Cafe

    The Castle Cafe is located in Blackrock Castle (okay… who wouldn’t want to have brunch in a castle?!). The menu lists some unique dishes including corn and feta cakes and ricotta pancakes burnt pineapple and the place is said to be buzzing 7 days a week.

If one of the above sounds like your egg and avocado mecca? Why not set up a GirlCrew event and get the gang together over mimosas and french toast. Didn’t see your favorite place in our best brunch spots in Cork? Pop it in the comments! And if you’re heading out for brunch in Cork this weekend, be sure to snap some photos! Share them with us by tagging @GirlCrewHQ or use #GirlCrew. And remember, there has never been a sadness that can’t be cured by breakfast food.

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