3 Tips for Finding a Good Career Mentor

Finding someone to support you in your career is vital. Sure, you’ve friends and family but a career mentor can help you accelerate your goals.

Life can often be hard to figure out.  It can often feel like you’re playing a game of dodge ball with a fierce competitor who is relentlessly hurling one challenge after another. You’re able to dodge some of those balls, but there are some that just hit you hard, showing no mercy. The challenge of finding the right career is one of those balls that some of us expertly dodge. But also one of those balls that hit some of us where it really hurts.  Some of us are still feeling the blows of that pesky ball even when we’re in our late 30’s and 40’s. By contrast, there are some people who are comfortable in their careers and need advice about the next best move to make to take them into further success.

Dodging the ball of poor career choices makes career coaching a necessity. There is no shame in seeking career advice even after years of being in an unfulfilling career. Finding your true calling in a career that’s really meant for you will help you thrive. The trick is finding the right career mentor to guide you towards the best path. The tips outlined in this article can help you find someone who will provide you with the right guidance. These 3 tips for finding a good career mentor can set you on the right path.

Identify Your Passion

Knowing your skills and how you can use them to fuel what truly makes your heart sing is the first step in finding a good career mentor. Your passion is what will determine possible career paths. Finding a good career mentor becomes easier when you have an idea of potential career paths that interest you. The following questions can help you identify your skills and what makes your heart sing:

  1. What comes to you naturally?
  2. What activity or task do you most often look forward to completing?
  3. What stirs up a great desire within you to take action?
  4. What do your friends and family members identify as your strongest skills?
  5. What careers relate to your skills and passions?

Identify People in Each Potential Career Path

Social media opens gateways to meet several people. A simple Google search can help you identify experienced people in each potential career path. Write a list of these people and attempt to establish contact by sending a polite message. Your message should include the following information:

  1. A request for a one-hour conversation at the person’s earliest convenience.
  2. A description of the guidance you’re seeking.
  3. A commitment to follow-through with any advice offered.
  4. Closing remarks that highlight appreciation for the person making time for you in their busy schedule.

Ensure there is a Clear Understanding of Your Objectives

People who are experienced in their careers are often strapped for time.  Make the purpose of the mentorship clear from the get-go. Each meeting that is scheduled should respect the mentor’s time. Enter each meeting with a clear list of topics to discuss and updates on action points you were given to complete from the previous meeting.

Finding a good career mentor requires an understanding of what you hope to achieve through the mentorship. Your goal will only become evident when you identify your skills and passion. Reaching out to potential mentors should be done through research and writing compelling, yet respectful, messages. Stop allowing the dodge balls to attack you.  Find a career advisor today.

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