Around the World in 40 Days: Making New Friends in San Antonio

Making new friends in San Antonio Texas

Sight-Seeing by Boat, San Antonio, TX

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Making new Friends in San Antonio, TX

Even as a social, confident adult woman, it can be really hard to make new friends. It’s SUCH a common problem in fact that there are new ladies joining GirlCrew groups in cities all over the world every day with the sole purpose of making a few new pals.

So you are literally, definitely, not alone.

Often we don’t even realize we could do with a few extra friends in our circle until suddenly they’re part of your life and not only do you have an extra layer of support and friendship, but there are new adventures, more people to invite for brunch or out to a gig or whatever. Have you ever messaged everyone makes weekend plans but everyone was busy already? As we grow up, we can all easily find ourselves busy with careers, family commitments and need to balance that out with some quiet time alone too. So it can just be difficult to find a time when both of your BFFs as of years are all available at the same time. GirlCrew solves the problem really simply and without worries because you get to dip into a big pool of women in the same boat as you whenever you need to. Join the group, post what you like to do (brunch? dinner? a bike ride?! cocktails? dancing? you name it, GirlCrew has done it.) and then wait for the responses to come in and head along to your first GirlCrew get together. You never have to miss a cool gig or event again. If you’re looking for something to do once you’ve joined the crew these suggestions might be just right for you.

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San Antonio Botanical Garden

This is a lovely place to take a stroll and smell the roses. City life can get hectic so it’s often nice to take some time to wander around a beautiful setting at your leisure and explore. If you’d like to know about the stunning plants that surround you guided tours are available, and for those who like all things man-made check out the beautiful architecture in the Lucile Halsell Conservatory. There also plans afoot for a culinary garden, where you can learn about healthy living and nutrition, a brilliant way to spend some time in the Texas sun. And if you feel like having some extra privacy at your next event, or perhaps are looking for a spot for your ideal wedding they also let you rent the space – apparently, they do birthday parties too which sounds like a dream come true.


Majestic Empire Theatre

The theatre is one of those places that when you enter, it takes you back in time. Built-in 1929 and inspired by Spanish Mediterranean style, it has celebrated over 25 years of showcasing famous Broadway shows such as the Lion King and Chicago this is a place that is not to be missed. With an impressive 2,264 seats, the theatre boasts a wide range of arts performances throughout the year and is the ideal spot for the culture vultures.


Six Flags Fiesta theme park

For the inner adrenaline addict, head to Six Flags theme park and take on the Goliath roller coaster. A ride that goes at least 50 mph, turns you upside down and then does so many corkscrews, you scream in slow motion. Or if like me, you’d rather do the kids rides, they have those too. Fans of The Walking Dead will be equally thrilled by Fright Fest, which launches later this year, as you enter chambers filled with your darkest phobias, or relive the high school horror genre as zombies lurk in every corner of RockKill High School.


The Last Word bar

If you want to sit down with a good cocktail and a chat, the Last Word bar is the perfect place to go with over 15 different cocktails to chose every night and drinks on tap. With a nice, cozy, atmosphere, this little gem is hidden away in San Antonio’s underbelly. Those who prefer their drinks by the pint won’t be disappointed with their well-selected beer menu, and there are plenty of options with bubbles for those who like living with a little sparkle. When the drinking is done, you can stay to nibble on some light bites or a tasty sandwich.

We also see heaps of members connecting and forming friendships because they have something in common – be that interest or something a bit challenging in their life that their friends and family either have no interest in or it’s just don’t understand as it isn’t something they’ve experienced. It’s been really special to get that benefit from it personally as well as seeing it do the same thing for thousands of other women too.

The groups are open to all women over 25, with no upper age limit and there are always new members joining. Check out our other city groups if you’re not a San Antonio gal.

Now that you’ve got a crew sorted, what’s good to see, do or eat there? Why not join the group and see what they’re up to! I’ve never seen better more reliable recommendations than in our groups. Texas is your oyster girl, off you trot.

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