The 11 Incredible Women Shortlisted for GirlCrew’s SXSW Queen of Tech 2017

Voting is now closed, and we’re pleased to announce that our winner was Sarah Schaaf, director of community at Imgur.

Sonya Pryor Jones, Chief Implementation Officer at The Fab Foundation

Sonya Pryor Jones is the Chief Implementation Officer for The Fab Foundation and manages signature projects with Chevron, DARPA and GE. She was chosen as one of the 10 White House Champions of Change for Making, for “doing extraordinary things to empower and inspire members of their communities” last June. Vote for Sonya | @SyncConsult

Kate Crawford, Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research

Kate Crawford is a Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research New York City, a Visiting Professor at MIT’s Center for Civic Media, and a Senior Fellow at NYU’s Information Law Institute. Her research addresses the social implications of large scale data, machine learning and AI. Recent publications address the topics of data discrimination, social impacts of artificial intelligence, predictive analytics and due process, ethical review for data science, and algorithmic accountability. In July 2016, she was the co-chair of the White House symposium AI Now: The Social and Economic Implication of AI in the Near-Term. Vote for Kate | @KateCrawford

Mary Lou Jepsen, Founder & CEO at

Mary Lou Jepson is the Founder and CEO of She creates bold visions of the future, takes them through R&D and delivers them to scale. She is acclaimed for her work at Google [x], Facebook, Oculus, and One Laptop per Child in consumer electronics, computers, TV, VR, software and web services. Her breadth spans further into design, internet, automotive and medical devices. Vote for Mary Lou | @mljmljmlj

Eugenia Kudya, Founder & CEO at

Eugenia Kudya is a founder and CEO at Luka a chat app that lets you talk to bots as well as people. She also made the Guardian’s 30 Under 30 List of Moscow’s young and powerful in 2014. She previously founded Bribr: an application that allowed users to record – anonymously and safely – if they were asked to pay a bribe. Vote for Eugenia | @AskLuka

Lili Cheng, Engineer & Researcher at FUSE, Microsoft

Lili Cheng is an Engineer and manages FUSE (Future Social Experiences) Labs at Microsoft. The team collaborates with startups, academia, the art & design community and more. Prior to Microsoft, Lili worked in Apple Computer’s Advanced Technology Group. She’s also a registered architect and has taught at NYU-Interactive Telecommunications and Harvard University. Vote for Lili | @lilich

Una Johnston, SXSW UK & Ireland Manager

Una Johnston is an SXSW veteran and rather than say exactly how many years she’s been with them, she’ll only say “over 15 years.” She assists delegates attending the festival from the UK and Ireland to maximise their presence at the event, and navigate in the most time efficient and cost effective way. Those are some seriously valuable areas for advice when it comes to an event as overwhelming as SXSW. Vote for Una

Candice Morgan, Head of Diversity at Pinterest

Candice Morgan is the head of Diversity at Pinterest. She was previously at Catalyst Inc., a global consultancy focused on diversity and inclusion, where she spent nearly a decade working with organizations across a range of industries from finance to construction, technology and consumer goods. Vote for Candice@Candice_MMorgan

Merci Grace, Head of Growth at Slack

Merci Grace leads the Growth team at Slack. Prior to joining Slack, she was the Director of Product Management at Gigwalk and in 2007, she founded GameLayers. Her first game was a finalist for Game of the Year. Merci has also founded the Women in Product community to bring together women in product management and PM-adjacent roles. Vote for Grace | @merci

Noor Tagouri, Journalist, Speaker & Barrier Crusher

Since launching the viral #letnoorshine campaign in 2012, first generation Libyan-American, Noor Tagouri has gained international attention as one of the most talked about young adults around the world. From graduating at one of the top journalism schools at the age of 20 to traveling across the world as a motivational speaker, Tagouri has embarked on a unique journey to achieve her dreams, breaking down significant barriers in the process. Vote for Noor | @NTagouri

Sarah Schaaf, Director of Community at Imgur

Sarah Schaaf is already commonly referred to as the Queen of Imgur, so she’ll be no stranger to the title if she’s our winner. Her focus is on lifting the world’s spirits through the power of online community. Vote for Sarah | @RRRAH

Tami Richter,  Director Event Staffing & Resources at SXSW

We’ve been told Tami is already the Queen of SXSW so this would be just formalising the title for her. She went from being a volunteer at the festival, to Volunteer Coordinator Chief and then moving on to her current role as Director of Event Staffing & Resources. Vote for Tami@tamirichter

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