10 Great Spots for Christmas Drinks in Dublin

‘It’s the most wonderful time, of the year’, and where do we go celebrate? We’ve picked some of our fave spots for a festive tipple. Christmas drinks in Dublin can be a bit of a gamble, so this list includes a nice variety that will suit all tastes. Missed your fave? Let us know. 

There’s nothing nicer than heading out with friends over Christmas and having some drinks. You start to get into the Christmas spirit and feel all giddy, maybe that’s the cocktails? Anyhow, here at GirlCrewHQ, we have come up the best spots of where to have Christmas drinks in Dublin.

1. The Hole in the Wall

The Hole in the Wall pub takes Christmas very seriously, it takes two full weeks to decorate the place with all the decorations. That’s dedication right there! There is live music every Tuesday and Saturday night so a perfect spot to go to for Christmas eve eve drinks.

2. 37 Dawson St

If you want to feel extra Christmassy, 37 Dawson St. have a dedicated Christmas cocktail list including ‘Trading Places’ which is named after the movie starring Dan Aykroyd and Eddie Murphy. This place is always bustling, but always have a great vibe over the Christmas period.

3. The Bank

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This is one of my favourite spots to go for Christmas. The buzz on Christmas eve is so lovely, having lots of prosecco and getting into the spirit. Just note that they close early Christmas eve so don’t get caught out!

4. Fitzwilliam Hotel

Here you can have fancy cocktails or a traditional afternoon tea with a twist. Christmas themed savories and pastries, a choice of teas and their own bespoke cocktails. This would make a really nice day out for friends.

5. Queen of Tarts

If you aren’t in the mood for Christmas drinks but still want some Christmas goodies, head to Queen of Tarts on Dame st. They have home made mince pies freshly made with almond frangipane studded with juicy cranberries and apple and topped with flaked almonds, gingerbread and cranberry cheesecake or mulled wine poached pear and almond frangipane tart.

6. The Gingerman

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According to our Christmas representative at GirlCrew HQ, the Gingerman Pub is the most Christmassy spot to go to for the festive spirit. And I can see why! This place looks like Santa’s Grotto and how can you be in a bad mood when you see all the pretty lights? That’s right you can’t.

7. Farrier and Draper

This is a really pretty spot situated in the Powerscourt shopping centre. There is a great buzz in the air on Christmas eve and the queues for Farrier are always long but so worth the wait. They have delicious food but if you just want to treat yourself and friends to a few cocktails, you can sit at the bar.

8. The Church

Always a really popular spot for Christmas drinks in Dublin. It can be hard to get a space to sit down so you might be best off at the bar but if you head in early, you might be lucky. They usually have some cool entertainment on like Irish dancing or carol singers.

9. Grogan’s

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Grogan’s is known for their toasties and pints of Guinness but as this spot is right in the middle of one of the busiest streets, you can people watch galore. And also see people panic buying Christmas presents at the last minute. Great fun altogether.

10. East Side Tavern

Located on Leeson St lower, this place is great for groups who just want to lots of drinks and listen to good music. There is lots of yummy tacos to choose from and you can stare at the massive selection of bottles behind the bar, and stay to sample some of them. Gin, all the gin.

Where are your favourite spots for Christmas drinks in Dublin? Are they on the list? Let us know your favourite spots in the comments below. If you want to go for some Christmas drinks and make new friends, download the GirlCrew app today and get organising. If you’d fancy something sweet, we’ve also chosen some of Dublin’s best spots for hot chocolate. And don’t forget to tag us in your Instagram pics at @GirlCrewHQ, or use #ChristYaaass!

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