10 Crazy News Stories from 2017

2017 has been up and down to say the least. There have been dramatic changes in politics, social movements are building, then there’s been bizarre. These stories are some of our faves from across the year. So sit back as we bring you 10 Crazy News Stories from 2017. 

1. A Date with Disaster

We’ve all agreed online dating sucks, and Tinder is pretty much the worst. But if you manage to avoid the drugged tigers, smug machu picchu pics, the popped shirt collars, the dodgily cropped is that your sister/wife vibes you might be able to bag yourself a winner. Unfortunately, even after all that sometimes life (or in this case toilets) can let you down. After a fantastic evening, Liam Smyth’s date decided to use the facilities. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t flush and so in a moment of panic she threw the offending article out the window, and unknowingly into the space between two internal windows. The intrepid dater then climbed out the window to try and retrieve it, but got stuck. Leading to the firemen having to be called to rescue her. Not the best first impression, but  we’re chalking this one up to bad architecture.

2. They’re Not all Good Doggos

We’ve all heard the stories of poor little puppers and doggos being left in hot cars. While temps rarely get that high in Ireland, across the world this can be a serious problem. So much so, that some passersby have resorted to breaking windows in order to rescue our four-legged friends. However, sometimes the pooches have the last laugh – such as in Wayne, West Virginia. Despite their diligent owner leaving A/C to keep the canines cool the day still ended in disaster. While she shopped the dogs disabled the break and the car crashed into Walmart.

3. Woman Gives Birth to 25 Year Old Embryo

This isn’t so much lol-worthy as wow-worthy, but it couldn’t be left out. In a medical first, and all round amazing moment as woman has given birth to a child born from an embryo frozen 25 years ago. The craziest thing about this story is that the woman who birthed the child is only 25 herself! Seemingly, Emma doesn’t care about this, and is just looking forward to being a mum. Congrats on your little family!

4. A Word Nobody Knows is Word of The Year

From #MeToo to woke, it’s likely that you’ve been seeing lot of new phrases popping up over the last 12 months. It’s great to see the tide is turning and that the marginalised are rising up and making a stand. It takes guts for someone to speak up and be heard against all odds, and for that, we applaud each every person who has done so. However, one word left us all scratching our heads when it was chosen as word of the year.

5. Would You Belieb It?

You might have fantasised about some hanky panky with your favourite celeb now and then. But if that crush is the Biebs then your dreams have come true. There is now an *ahem* adult doll on the market that has an uncanny resemblance to the singer.

6. Man Nearly Chokes to Death on a Dover Sole

Fish oils are good for you. Fish are trying to kill you. We’ve all heard of kissing frogs, but have you heard of kissing fish? Apparently it’s a good luck tradition, but for Sam Quilliam it quickly turned sour. When he tried to put one on the sole, it wriggled out of his hands and jumped down his throat. Thankfully, Sam quickly received medical attention and was sent on his way.

7. Women Are Class

That statement isn’t news, but we love this story of women backing women. After she was blown off by her date, Leah told her tale of woe to her Uber driver. Thankfully her driver was the amazing @vickto_willy who wouldn’t let Leah wallow by herself. Instead she whisked her off for a fab girls’ night out and even made sure she got home safe. In case there was any doubt about it, women are ace.

8. Guac is Extra

Avocado fans were in their element earlier this year when the record for the world’s biggest guacamole was broken in Mexico earlier this year. Taking 25,000 avocados and 1,000 people to mash them, the 3 tonne beast was entered in the record books. Part delicious snack, part entertainment stunt, part political protest the event highlighted the North American Free Trade Agreement that is now under threat.

9. We See Ewe

Sheep have never been seen as the most intelligent of animals. And if you’ve ever spent any amount of time on a sheep farm you’ll see them do all manner of daft things. However, it seems our friends may be pulling the wool over our eyes, as they can in fact recognise human faces. Scientists have managed to train sheep to recognise a bunch of faces with 80% accuracy. Not baaaa-d.

10. You’re Doing Amazing, Sweetie

Have you ever thought of something in your head but when you tried to execute it you failed miserably? Perhaps it was a painting, or an attempt at decoupage, or sewing. Or in the case of Funchal airport, perhaps it was the unveiling of this hideous statue. Either way, we recommend a test run before going public with further pieces of art.

These are just some of the stories that made us laugh, and gasp, over the past year. There were so many to choose from it was really hard to narrow it down, so if there’s some we’ve overlooked let us know in the comments. I think we can all agree that 2017 was a crazy year, whichever way you look at it.

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